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  1. What Makes Abs After 40 The World’s #1 Workout Program?

    Wed 27 April 2016
    By Megan

    Once you hit 40, working out will be twice as hard as it was 20 years ago. Yes, men also have problems once they turn 40 and there’s no escape. This is why you need a good workout program specifically designed for men over 40. One of the most reputable programs is abs after 40 program. It was designed by Mark Mcilyar who is currently 53 years old with an incredible six pack.

    The Benefits Of Abs After 40 Program

    abs after 40 workout programIt’s a 90 day workout program for men over 40. This program is designed to not only improve health but also increase production of healthy male hormone, testosterone. This hormone plays a major role on how a man looks and the statues of his body. The program is 3-phased and comes with various exercises that provide ideal conditions for synthesis of male hormones.

    Once you complete the 90 ...

  2. Will Athletic Greens Help My Body To Absorbe Nutrients Better?

    Sat 26 March 2016
    By Megan

    The food we eat is essential to keep our body healthy. However, our ability to absorb the nutrients that enters our body through food is equally important. These are among the reasons why Athletic Greens made it a mission to come up with a product that ensures health can be yours through good nutrition and proper absorption.

    Is Athletic Greens A Good Energy/Protein Superfood Cocktail?

    athletic greens superfoodFirst off, we need to stress that Athletic Greens is not only composed of 1 or 2 primary ingredients. In fact, its primary ingredient is a combination of 75 superfoods extract. Different kinds of fruits and vegetables were meticulously selected to be part of this powerful drink powder. Hence, you can add this product to water, juice, milk or whatever mixture of drink you want. You can turn it into a healthy shake that you can take with you to the gym, school or ...